We are Rada. The experts in safe, sustainable washroom products for commercial and public buildings.


Every sector has its own challenges, disciplines and demands. Mastering regulatory requirements can be as crucial as innovative technology when it comes to providing the right solution.

Safe, Smart, Sustainable

Safe Water
Safe Water

Our innovations in water delivery and thermostatic technology help prevent waterbourne infections, promote cleanliness, and protect users from scalding. Designed with the highest standards of healthcare in mind, our products lead the way in infection control and user safety in every industry.

Saving Resources
Saving Resources

Our digital and mechanical products are designed to conserve water and energy, supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals, while saving costs.

Digital Innovation
Digital Innovation

We harness digital technology to achieve the highest levels of precision. This improves safety, saves resources, and enhances user experience.


Specialist Service Support

We design and manufacture our products ourselves. That’s why we believe we’re best placed to service them. Rada specialist service support improves product longevity, user safety, and ensures compliance with industry guidelines.

Intelligent Care

Intelligent Care For Greener, Safer Water Delivery

Intelligent Care is our latest generation of digital tap for healthcare. It sets a new standard for how a tap can contribute to better healthcare, improving infection control, reducing water consumption, and saving staff time.